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Cathryn Davis


Mrs. Davis just retired from teaching art full time this past May.    She has a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts - in Art), a Teacher Certification, and some Masters work in Art.  After retiring from 36 years in the classroom, she knew immediately that she was still in love with watching (and helping) her students discover the creativity that God, the Master Artist, instilled within them.  As only our Heavenly Father could lead, she saw the road to Kaleo appear in front of her. She will be teaching art on CORE day at all three campuses.

Mrs. Davis had a unique upbringing that further cemented her love of art and the Lord.  As a Military dependent, she lived and traveled through much of the continental United States as well as abroad. Growing up in three foreign countries: Bermuda, Brazil, and the Philippines, travel is in her blood.

She became a child of the King at the age of nine in a missionary church in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  While overseas she was blessed to see some of the artistic wonders of the world.  The richness afforded by visiting and living among other peoples and cultures engendered a rich tapestry of experiences and a love of all people.

Additionally Mrs. Davis is a working artist who loves all styles and media in art, with her own artwork being produced in her newly re-established, Sixpence Studio.  If she had to name one “best thing” in art, it would be sculpture — but really, all art is her jam.  

She has enjoyed many Heaven sent opportunities in art; including almost a year spent as an intern for the curator of antiquities at the San Antonio Museum of Art with a month-long independent study to photograph some of the most famous antiquities in Italy.  She also experienced the the amazing (and heart wrenching) chance to visit the island of Corregidor and ride part of the route of the Bataan Death March — all of whose impact will never be forgotten.

This is all combined with the biggest gifts in her life. After her salvation, she values her family.  She is blessed to have her parents, siblings, sons and daughters-in-law, her ten grandchildren, three dogs, two chickens, 103 year old house, and the joy to wake each day knowing and loving the Lord

Cathryn Davis
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