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Welcome to Kaleo Academy!

Kaleo Academy is a Christ-centered, creative community for homeschool students in grades K-12 based on an integrated history/fine arts model of education. 

We are a homeschool partnership, walking alongside families in their homeschool journey by providing a learning environment that shares the burden of teaching by providing once a week classes and assignments to do during the week with the home teacher.

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Kaleo is a Christ-centered, creative community for homeschool students in grades K-12. Our unique, integrated approach is based on the time tested methodology of Charlotte Mason. 


  • We educate the heart through community.

  • We educate the mind through grace filled rigor.

  • We educate the soul by connecting everything we know and are back to God.


Kaleo Academy is a full college prep program.  We don't skimp on academics, but we do believe there are a lot of ways to get there. 

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Our Academic Philosphy


We believe education should be:

  • Fun and engaging

  • A feast of learning for our students.

  • Individualized for students

  • Moving our students towards great adults that appreciate academics AND the arts!

We believe education should NOT be:

  • Boring

  • Full of busy work 

  • Subjects disconnected from each other

  • Measured by other's accomplishments (God made your student unique!)

God created us to be in community with Him and other believers.  In fact, Jesus said the most important thing we could do is love God, and the second is to love others!  That's why every subject we teach has a biblical worldview.  We want to see God's story, and our part in that story!

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