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To Call

Created by God,

In the image of God,

To answer the call of God


How do we prepare to answer that call?

Kaleo is a Christ-centered, creative community for homeschool students in grades K-12. Our unique, integrated approach is based on the time tested methodology of Charlotte Mason. 


Educate the heart through community

Educate the mind through grace filled rigor

Educate the soul by connecting everything we know and are back to God.


All the things


What is the admission process?

We have a multiple step process for admissions. 

While we hope to all be friends, we might not be a good fit for every family. 

We want to make sure we are all a good fit for each other for a successful year!

  1. Family sets up a school tour - this is where we tell you about us!

  2. Family fills out application 

  3. Family interview - this is where you tell us about you!

  4. We both take a few days to pray and seek God.  He knows us both and is our ultimate authority!

  5. If we both feel we are a good fit, you will be accepted into our Kaleo family and we will start the enrollment process! 

*Once your family is admitted into our Academy, you are free to enroll in any of our classes at any campus!

Who teaches your classes? Do I have to stay on campus each week?

Our teachers are not all state certified, but we do have qualifications. They must adhere to at least one of the following.

  • A degree in education 

  • A degree in the subject matter they are teaching

  • At least 3 years of experience in their field and /or teaching in a classroom

If we have an opening and a parent would like to apply, we are happy for them to do so. However, we will not give precedence to a parent over a more qualified candidate. We have a great staff and we want to always strive for excellence.

We are a drop off program. We ask that each family volunteer at least once every 6 weeks  or pay an opt out fee. This day of volunteering does not have to be working with children. It might be helping with admin work or lunch etc. This day is about more than helping. It is a day to give our parents some connection and community as well! Spending a day with other parents and seeing what we do up close is well worth your time!

We provide free, onsite childcare for our staff and volunteers when you are working on campus, so you don't have to worry about your littles!

How much does it cost? (Payment plans available for all classes!)

 We try very hard to keep our prices as low as possible. We also like to keep it simple! Here are a breakdown of costs:

Enrollment Fee - $100 ($150 after June 1)

This is a per student fee.  This covers insurance, rent and other administrative fees. 

Book  and Supply Fee - Core Class $125 (includes textbooks, literature books)

                                                    STEM Class $75 (includes textbooks for math and science as well as all supplies for class, including                                                                                     engineering)


Tuition - Core Class $1395

This is for all five classes for 32 weeks. This breaks down to $8.72 per subject/class per week! 

                     STEM Class $995

This breaks down to $10.30 per class! And you don't have to teach math!

                     Drama Club Elementary $350 for the year.

This is a one hour class that meets for 32 weeks (with some extra rehearsals.) We will have at least one full production at the end of the year as well as being involved with the older drama club in our Christmas Program.  This cost includes costumes with the exception of shoes that you will need to provide at the directors discretion. 

                      Drama Club MS/HS $450 for the year.

This is a 2 hour class that meets for 32 weeks (with some extra rehearsals)  This Drama Club will be the main characters and speaking parts for the Christmas Program and they will do an additional full performance at the end of the year. 

                      Algebra 1 (8th grade +) $350 for the year.

                       Biology  (8th grade +)$350 for the year

                       Health   (8th grade +) $350 for the year

Paint Brushes

Why the Arts?

Why would the Arts be core classes?

First, let me say, we value Math and Science! Many times, people assume we are just artsy people and don't value these essential subjects. Believe it or not, the Arts make those subjects more valuable! Research shows that music fires off  the same areas of the brain that we use when solving spatial-temporal reasoning problems - in other words, music and math are best friends! 

When archaeologists look at previous civilizations, they study the arts of the people. What did they create? What did they write? This helps us have a deeper understanding of people groups and history.

We also believe that we are made in the image of God and that God is the ultimate creator. Therefore, we are creative beings! 

That means, that even for students who don't show a leaning towards the arts, they can still benefit in these areas:

  • Critical thinking skills

  • The value of teamwork

  • Creative problem-solving skills

  • An appreciation of the beauty in God's world. 

While we are all creative, we are not all creative in the same ways. Exposure to different art forms helps us all to find that God designed part the we need to answer the unique call God has given to each one of us. 
(And let's face it, theater at home is just not the same!)

Student Behind the Books

When you say rigor...

Kaleo Academy is a full college prep program.

We don't skimp on academics, but we do believe there are a lot of ways to get there. 

We believe education should be:

  • Fun and engaging

  • A feast of learning for our students.

  • Individualized for students

  • Moving our students towards great adults that appreciate academics AND the arts!

We believe education should NOT be:

  • Boring

  • Full of busy work 

  • Subjects disconnected from each other

  • Measured by others accomplishments (God made your student unique!)

High school homeschool history

God and Community

God created us to be in community with Him and other believers. In fact, Jesus said that the most important thing we could do was love God with everything we have and the second was to love others! 

That is why every subject we teach has a biblical worldview. We want to see God's story and our part in that story!

We know you want your child to have a faith of their own and we want to support them in that endeavor by providing an environment where they can explore their faith. A safe environment of like minded friends who will support them as they wrestle with big God questions and even doubts. 

At Kaleo Academy, we hope they will make lifelong friends who will sharpen them and push them to be better humans! 


3 ways to connect with us

We know choosing a program to partner with can be stressful. We want to make it as easy as possible! Choose one of our connection points below. We look forward to meeting you!

talking on phones
Family with Tablet
Happy Kids with Books

Chat on the phone with one of our directors. Hear our heart for serving our homeschool community and what that partnership will look like for your family.

We can meet with one or multiple families online. This is a great option if both parents would like to be a part of the conversation. (Our most successful families come to us with both parents on the same page, in agreement with Kaleo!)

Schedule a tour of our school during our class day. We love to meet new families and show them what we do! One of our directors will show you around, share with you what we do and answer any questions you might have!

Christ Community Church logo.jpg

Meeting for Core day

Christ Community Church 

11994 Hwy 87 E, Adkins, TX 78101


First Baptist Logo.png

Meeting for Core Day
(K-6 only)

First Baptist Schertz
600 Aero
Schertz, Tx. 78154

9:30 - 3:30

Privacy Policy

We don't like it when people sell or share our info, and we won't sell or share yours! Your info will only be used to send you information about Kaleo Academy and you can opt out at any time!


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