The Greater San Antonio
Used Curriculum and Book Sale

What you need to know!

  • Sale location: First Baptist Schertz, 600 Aero, Schertz, Tx

  • July 9-10

  • Seller info at the bottom of this page

  • Pre-Sale Thursday Night at 6:00 - Workers get in FREE or you can pay $10 to get a head start on all the curriculum you are looking for!

  • Pick up is Saturday from 5:00 - 6:30 > Any items not picked up by 6:30 will be donated to Kaleo Academy

ISellers pay a $5.00 registration fee and receive  75% of all sales!

To make 85%, sign up for a two hour work shift by clicking the Workers Registration button below. 

We make our volunteer shifts easy enough for anyone to step into.

You may bring anything educational, including children's fiction and non fiction, puzzles, games, books about teaching/parenting. etc. 

*We reserve the right to turn away any materials we feel do not reflect our school values.

Please do not bring Adult fiction.

Teen fiction is fine. 

    Please click below to schedule your drop off time.


These times are in 1 hour slots. You may come anytime within that hour. 

Once you are registered, click below to enter your items and print tags. You will use Avery paper to print stickers for your items. Use painters tape if you choose to print on paper or if you need additional help getting tags to stick.  

If you are bundling multiple items, Ziploc 2 gallon bags work great to keep them together. Please do not tape top, so people can open up and look inside to see the quality of the books. 

We will have a pre-sale Thursday night from 6:00 - 9:00. 

You can pay $10 to enter the pre-sale OR you can sign up for a Work Shift.


ALL workers get in FREE and do NOT need to register. See you then!

If you would like to sign up for a 2 hour work shift, you will make 85% of all your sales AND you get to come to the pre-sale on Thursday night for free!

If you have sold with us before, you can register here with your previous seller # and password. If you don't remember them, there is an option for you to request them. 

You will see an option for inactive inventory. These are the items you brought last time that did not sell. You do not have to retag these items, simply make them active and you are all set!

FREE Homeschool Workshops!


Friday -       11:30   You CAN homeschool high school!
                         1:00      Online Safety for your family
Saturday - 11:30   Middle School can be great!
                         1:00      How to homeschool them ALL  (Even with toddlers!)