Middle School Rocks! 

A lot of things come to mind when we think of middle schoolers. Many of them are negative, but that doesn't have to be true. Middle School is a great time of growth and transition. We want to come alongside you and help you manage this vital time in your young teens life. 

Peers are SUPER important and making sure they are surrounded by like minded friends is crucial. We can provide the kind of community that will help your student thrive as they move into the people God has made them to be. 

Middle School Classes

Core Academy Day

Middle School classes are only offered at our Adkins campus at this time. We hope to offer them in Schertz soon!


The Adkins campus meets on Thursday

We focus on 5 core subjects:  

  • History

  • Language Arts

  • Art

  • Theater

  • Music.

These classes are taught from the voice of history partnered with a biblical worldview. Because of our historical integration, they are only offered as a group. We do not offer these classes individually.   

*We teach history chronologically in 4 year rotations. This year we will be in the modern time period, starting with the Civil War and going through current history. 

We cap our middle school group at 16 to keep the group small!

STEM Day and Extras
Wednesday Adkins

At this time the only Extras class we offer for middle school is Drama Club. This is for grades 7+. 

We hope to offer science and math in the future. 

*If you are interested in these classes for the fall, please message us to be added to the wait list!

Piano Lessons

We will  be offering piano lessons on Wednesdays. These lessons will be scheduled around any classes the student is taking on this day. Please see below for more information and for pricing.