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Visual Arts 1 & 2




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About the Course

The Visual Arts 1 class will be an introduction to the elements, tools, and skills of drawing, photography, graphic design and other related disciplines, built on a theology of creativity from Genesis and other scriptures. This will be a hands-on class wherein the students will learn the tools; then use them to create their own pieces. The drawing portion will cover shapes, perspective, shading, basic human proportion including child through adult, and caricature. The graphic design portion will cover the basics of Adobe Illustrator, typography, composition, and working with clients to produce a finished design. Other disciplines covered may include watercolor painting, screen printing, and projection mapping as time allows. By the end of the class, the diligent student will have foundational knowledge and skill in the visual arts for further study and practice in all visual art media, as well as starting to build their own portfolio. He or she will also cultivate a deeper understanding of why the arts matter and how he or she may proclaim the majesty of God through the visual arts. This is a 90 minute class, meeting on Wednesdays at our Adkins campus. Students will need their own laptop and a copy of Adobe Illustrator. This is a full credit elective course for your high school transcript and is only for students in 8th-12th grade.

Visual Arts 2 (prerequisite: Visual Arts 1) is an introduction to planning, shooting and producing a film. This is a 90 minute class, meeting on Wednesdays at our Adkins campus.

Your Instructor

Duncan Campbell

Duncan Campbell
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